Our services are aimed at the trans community of Ottawa along with their families and friends, but everyone is welcome! Anyone may check out an item from the library, grab a free coffee, wifi, and enjoy our reading and study areas.

Our main service is the trans lending library, which can be searched and browsed online here. This includes books written by trans people, books about trans issues, books with trans characters, etc.

The library is a free-to-use community and social space. You are welcome to come for no reason at all and use our tables or conversation area as space permits. You are welcome to come and read, study, or just relax by yourself. If you feel like meeting new people you are welcome to join our regulars in conversation, or come to one of our regular events and get involved in our community! Curious about the space looks like? check out the recent pictures in our gallery.

Have a research project related to trans history or the trans community in Ottawa? We can help! Contact us or stop by our location to talk to one our librarians. We may be able to help connect you to the resources you need.

The library hosts regular and special events. Check the events calendar and the links in the ‘Event Calendar’ menu for more information. Have an idea for a new event? Let us know!

The library is an event venue. Our mission is to serve the trans community of Ottawa, so if your event aligns with that mission we are usually happy to host. Events that are less directly in line with our mission are handled on a case-by-base basis and you should contact us for more information.