Is the library accessible?

— The two steps at the library door don’t allow us to leave our ramp in place, but we are happy to bring it out if you rap on our window. We understand it’s not perfect and ask your patience. Unfortunately, the washroom is small and not accessible.

What is the COVID policy of the library?

— For the health and safety of our community, we strongly encourage folks wear masks inside the library, especially at events. We have free KN95’s available at the door, as well as hand sanitizer and COVID testing kits available at the entrance.

May I eat and drink in the library?

— Yes, you may. Please be respectful of the space and the books, of course. We ask that you clean up after yourself.

How do I borrow books and other media?

— Items in the lending library may be borrowed for 3 weeks. You will be asked to provide your name, email address, phone number. Your email will ONLY be be used to communicate with you regarding your borrowed items, unless you opt in to our mailing list. Items may be renewed by emailing us and requesting a renewal. There are no late fees, but please return our books.

What kind of books are catalogued?

— We accept trans books and other trans media into our catalogue. This includes books written by trans people, books about trans issues, books with trans characters, etc. Some books and media are ‘trans adjacent’, in that they are not specifically trans, but may deal with issues or themes of gender and sex such that they have some trans overlap. Ultimately, the decision of what to catalogue and what not to catalogue is made by our head librarian.

What happens to donated books that are not catalogued?

— We either put them in our free book shelf, or we sell them as used books. As we are a non-profit all donations ultimately help the library, so don’t hesitate to send books and other media our way!

I have a group of people, can we gather at the library?

— Our tables comfortably seat 6 people, and you can get about 10 people around one if need be. So long as your group is about that big you can come in and use a table during normal hours. If you email us ahead of time we can reserve the table for you.

May I use the space as a venue?

— Maybe. Our mission is to serve the trans community of Ottawa, so if your event aligns with that mission we are usually happy to host. Events that are less directly in line with our mission are handled on a case-by-base basis and you should contact us for more information.