Board Game Collection

The library currently has the following board games available:

We are always happy to accept board game donations!

Game NameGenrePlayersPlaytime (Minutes)Complexity RatingHow To Play
Apples to ApplesParty4-1030-60 1/5
WingspanStrategy1-560-120 2.5/5
RootStrategy 2-460-120 4/5
TribondWord game2-660-120 1/5
Personal PreferenceParty 2-16451/5
Parcheesi Party2-6301/5
The Fox In The ForestCard2302/5
Five CrownsCard 1-7301/5
Mysterium ParkCooperative, Card2-630-60 2/5
Mysterium Cooperative2-740-60 2/5
CodenamesParty Game2-815-20 1/5
Uno DominosCard game 2-610-201/5
Uno Card 2-10301/5
PandemicCooperative 2-445-60 2.5/5
QuelfParty 3-8601/5
Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Cheese TouchFamily3-630-40 1/5
Mad GabParty game 2-12451/5
TabooParty game4-1020-30 1/5
BalderdashParty game2-660-901/5
Sorry (Classic)Family2-430-601/5
SantoriniStrategy 2-420-302/5
Scrabble (and NHL Scrabble) Word game2-4902/5
BoggleWord game1-815-301/5
Through the desertStrategy2-545-602/5
Zombie FluxxCard, Party 2-630-601.5/5
Time StoriesCard, Cooperative2-490-1202.5/5
Walk The PlankFamily3-5301.25/5
Books & LaddersFamily2-6301/5
Skip-BoCard, Family2-6301.25/5
Star MunchkinCard3-660-1202/5
Risk (doctor who and standard)Strategy2-560-1202.5/5
Carcasonne Strategy2-560-1202/5