The Ottawa Trans Library is a nonprofit and relies on donations to maintain its operation. We appreciate anything you’re able to give!

To give a cash donation, visit our donation page here.

We are happy to accept donations of books. Please bring any donations to the library during normal hours. Note that not all books we receive will be catalogued into our lending library. We accept trans books and other trans media into our catalogue. This includes books written by trans people, books about trans issues, books with trans characters, etc. Some books and media are ‘trans adjacent’, in that they are not specifically trans, but may deal with issues or themes of gender and sex such that they have some trans overlap. Ultimately, the decision of what to catalogue and what not to catalogue is made by our head librarian. Books that are not catalogued will be either made available to the community via our free book shelf, or sold.

If you intend to purchase a new book for the library, please check our catalogue to confirm we do not already have it.

The lending library also includes trans-related films and documentaries, and we welcome donations of those items, as well.

Any artifact of trans history in the Ottawa area is especially precious to us. If you have anything of that nature we would be extremely happy to receive it and add it to our heritage collection.

We host a regular board game nights and would be happy for you to add to our collection of board games.

We host regular crafting nights and so would appreciate arts and crafts supplies.

The Wishlist – Please email us if you plan to donate anything from the wishlist. The library is currently looking for the following items:
Mini fridge

NOTE: We are not currently accepting donations of clothing.