• The title Ottawa Trans Joy Quilt is printed in rounded letters in the centre of the slide. The background is a blue fabric with orange and gold suns, stars and moons.
  • Background is a bright yellow fabric, along the bottom of which runs a white lacey border. Black text in the centre of the fabric reads: This project invites all trans people to create a quilt square with a design that reflects our experiences of transness and trans joy. Your square can be done in any style, and all squares will become part of a community quilt that reflects what trans joy means to all of us.
  • Background is a black jean fabric, with a smaller piece of textured peach textile overlaid on top of it. Text on the paper reads:
Come to our quilt making events at the Ottawa Trans library: 
Quilt square making: 
September 2nd, 2pm - 4pm
September 23rd, 2pm - 4pm. 
Finished pieces quilting bee: October 28th 2pm - 4pm. 
Quilt pieces must be finished and dropped off to the Ottawa Trans Library by October 15th.
Need materials? Pick up a kit at the Ottawa Trans Library starting August 30th. 
Get in touch with us at FriendlyLocalQuiltqueers@protonmail.me
  •  Background is a floral fabric in peaches and blues, with an orange text box in its centre. Text in black reads: What is this quilt?
This quilt builds on a history of radical queer quilting; your quilt square can be a reflection of trans joy, grief, anger, love, community, and anything else meaningful to you, its maker. It will be used, loved, and cared for (including washing - please be mindful of this in your design). 
This quilt does not belong to any one person or group but to everyone and no one. All its squares are in conversation with one another, each unique like the person who made it. There is no one voice, nor is it an archival piece - it will wear and decay in time.
We will create this quilt together, by making each piece, and then gathering to bind them all together in celebration.
  • Background is an abstract geometric patterned fabric with a dark brown base, embellished with triangles, arrows and lines in lighter browns, peaches and greys. Overtop are three pieces of paper. The largest, on the left side, reads: 
Suitable Fabrics: 
Please use a quilt weight cotton or similar fabric (natural or synthetic) for your quilt square - this can be a repurposed textile, quilting fabric, or something else!
Unsure if your fabric is the right weight? Email us with a photo or come pick up a kit!
Experienced quilter using your own fabric? Fantastic! Just keep in mind how your fabric will sit with the rest of the quilt. 
On the righthand side is a smaller piece of lined paper, on which the text reads: 
Suitable Decorating Materials: 
Embroidery thread, yarn, knitting, crochet, other fabrics, pieced squares, fabric paint, sequins, buttons, felt, silkscreening and iron on transfers
Please do not use: washable materials (markers, paint, glue), non-fabric paints, permanent marker
Above these two papers in the top-right corner, a small piece of green paper reads: *Don't have your own fabric? Pick up a fabric kit at the Ottawa Trans Library starting August 30th*
  • A piece of lined paper fills the slide. Black text is printed down the left side, while a diagram sits on the right. 
The text reads:
Dimensions: 8 inches square piece of fabric with 1 inch seam allowance for a 6 inch square area containing your design in the middle of the piece
How to:
Cut your square to 8 inches on all sides
We are using a 1 inch seam allowance, so leave 1 inch of blank space on all sides. 
Your design area is 6 inches square. 
The diagram depicts two squares, one inside the other: the larger square is in black, and is labeled "8 inch square of fabric". The smaller square is orange and sits inside the larger one at its centre. It is labeled "6 inch square design area". The interior of the smaller square reads "design goes here".
  • Background is light blue jean fabric. A blue text box fills the centre of the slide, with a pink speech bubble to the top left. The speech bubble title reads "what if I have fabric trouble". Main text reads: 
The good news: we still want your square!
The bad news: it probably won't look its best. 
What will happen if your design is:
• On unsuitable fabric (for example your fabric is stretchy, gauzy, elasticky, or otherwise cannot hold its own weight), we may attempt to stabilize using another base fabric, but it may not retain its previous beauty
• Not to the required dimensions, its design may be lost in the seams of the quilt, or will need to be attached to a larger base fabric. 
• Not washable (by hand) it will be placed on the quilt using some combination of: pockets, zippers, snaps, or stitching so that it can be removed for washing. This may impact the longevity of your quilt square. 
If you have questions, please email us - FriendlyLocalQuiltqueers@protonmail.me

The Ottawa Trans Joy Quilt is a project that invites invites all trans people to create a quilt square with a design that reflects our experiences of transness and trans joy. Your square can be done in any style, and all squares will become part of a community quilt that reflects what trans joy means to all of us. 

Join in by making a square from your own fabric stash, or picking up a fabric package from the Ottawa Trans Library after August 30th. 

Come meet other quilters and trans folks and quilt together at the Trans Library:
September 2nd, 2pm – 4pm
September 23rd, 2pm – 4pm 

Join in the binding of the quilt at the Ottawa Trans Library:
October 28th, 2pm – 4pm

For more information, contact: FriendlyLocalQuiltqueers@protonmail.me 

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